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Technology on its own won’t do the job to create hyper scale

Already in 2011, in close collaboration with thought leaders within companies like Cisco, Deutsche Telekom and Philips, we wrote a book on how to build and maintain a platform that facilitates an ecosystem of specialized partners. Up until today, many have benefited from the generated learnings. But we have also seen that many European companies, in contrary to their American counterfeits, have not been able to successfully implement platform mechanisms in their company. Important reason is that companies typically tend to think that technology on its own will do the magic, and their existing business model can stay in tact. Companies that do realize a fundamental new way of doing business is required, typically struggle how to implement this with sufficient speed, without destabilizing their existing processes too much.

This book builds a framework based on the challenges and learning of some the worlds biggest technology firms, of which the effects become more and more apparent in the world around us.

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