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Real estate services redefined

Real estate services re-defined

The market for real estate is also hit by platform technology. Pension Funds require not only more sustainable approach to real estate management, but also require more focus on the customer. Next to that we see a trend where tenants are increasingly service and community oriented and at the same time like to personalize their rental space with the flexibility of an owner.

When we take a look at how the European Real Estate market is organized, these three trends would typically imply a so called ‘disintermediation’, cutting out the intermediate roles of customer ownership. In most European countries however, the traditional real estate ecosystem is not yet dimensioned for this: Fund Managers are primarily equipped for financial and technical management of a Fund and still use outdated manual processes to manage their portfolio. Property management firms are primarily organized around handling complaints and administrative tasks, and lack a service oriented mindset and business model. Simply adding platform technology at some level will therefore not do the trick.

Our approach is to bring both Platform Technology in combination with a Self Organizing Ecosystem of service partners in place. With organizing an ecosystem, we mean a set of professional specialized service partners. The service partners are all linked to one service platform and operate as a complementary team by means of the data the Platform provides. The traditional Property managers might retain their focus on dealing with general complaints and contract related needs, but for all specialized tasks like technical management, communication and various kinds of customer services, additional service partners will help out. Fund Managers still keep their facilitating role, but simply gain more insight and tools to manage the quality of the asset and customer satisfaction. Interesting side effect is that they can also start experimenting at unusually low efforts, with solutions that directly or indirectly improve the return on investment.

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