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The Virtual Lawyer

One of our latest project to help society deal more effectively with legal issue’s….

An enormous number of civil law problems get unresolved each year at a cost of billions to individuals and the public purse. This is because legal knowledge is complex and the traditional means to disclose this knowledge (i.e. books) are hard to search. Not surprisingly, a survey of 10,000 respondents held in the UK, shows that nearly two-thirds of people do not know their rights and almost 70% have no knowledge of basic legal processes.

The Virtual Lawyer, an online legal advisory platform, aims to increase transparency and accessibility of (new) laws to society and its individual citizens. The Virtual Lawyer is an intelligent application that helps citizens, faced with a legal issue, deal with it more effectively. The citizen is guided through the relevant legal considerations behind their case and helps them draw the right conclusions. This way both legal understanding in society as the effectiveness of the Dutch jurisdiction can be improved.

In collaboration with an ecosystem of partners, we are currently developing an MVP Version of our platform.

For further information also see www.stichtingopendata.nl

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