New ways to scale
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Learn how we are changing strategy from organic growth to investor driven growth

New strategy for growth

In order to speed up the growth of our new initiatives, we decided in 2015 to evaluate the possibilities to start working with investors. As by trial, we approached the Dutch SIDN Fund to obtain small funding for the application of our platform technology to the Legal Service market.

As Germany is by far the biggest manufacturing economy in Europe with a longstanding focus on quality, we approached a German Incubator in 2016 to fund our initiative for the Certification Market. We were directly granted with Seed Capital and are currently discussing the terms for the next Investment Round. This will enable the further development and international roll out of our certification platform.

We also attracted the attention of other companies within the German Investors Community. We are currently in process and expect to make all announcements before the end of Q2, 2017

Next to collaboration with investors for our Legal and Certification Platform, we are also preparing the Pilot Phase to apply our Platform Technology to facilitate Residential Estate Services. We expect to discuss the first investment rounds mid term 2017.